Kraig Hamilton
Professional Summary
■  10+ years professional experience in software development and project management ■  Recipient of the Wal-Mart ISD Technologist of the Year award in 2010 ■  Experienced with managing software development teams up to 30 developers ■  Proven track record of delivering on time and on budget ■  Bridges the communication gap between developers and business users ■  Expertise in cross-platform system design with an emphasis in high performance ■  Track record of delivering user-centered, easy-to-use interfaces ■  Experienced in multiple software development lifecycle methodologies
Relevant Skills
■  Strong software development skills in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, NodeJS, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, AJAX, SAPUI5, ANSI C/C++, Microsoft C++, C#, VB.Net, and ASP.Net ■  Extensive experience with cross-platform system design and integration using Object Oriented Design, N‑Tier Architecture, and Service Oriented Architecture, as well as the Model-View-Controller pattern (MVC) ■  Highly experienced in managing small and large projects using Agile and Waterfall methodologies ■  Experienced in implementing SQL and NoSQL databases using IBM DB2, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, and Couchbase
Professional Experience
 Staples, Inc.2015-current
 Search Engine OptimizationSoftware Architect
The goal of the project is to create a URL and metadata management system for the Search Engine Optimization team. The tool is an HTML5 front-end with a NodeJS back-end, MongoDB data layer, and Kafka as an enterprise service bus (ESB). The application allowed the Search Engine Optimization team to generate the URL from the product description and disseminate that URL to related systems, as well as modify the keyword information for the best possible URL. In addition to the URL, the system was used to manage metadata, such as the robots directive and the Open Graph information.
■  Researched the existing system to understand the best approach to solving the problem ■  Designed and implemented the data access layer (DAL) with RESTful webservices written in NodeJS ■  Developed the front-end UI application using Bootstrap, JQuery, and NodeJS, connecting to the DAL using AJAX ■  Created easy to understand data structures in JSON ■  Implemented a security layer in NodeJS using TLS, AES encryption, Active Directory, and MongoDB ■  Enforced GIT and NPM package versioning, naming structures, and code review processes ■  Helped guide the project for a small team of 5 developers to success
 Private Web CrawlerPrincipal Engineer
The goal of the project was to design and implement a web crawler that the Search Engine Optimization team could use to quickly scan development, QA, and production websites.
■  Application was written in NodeJS with a MongoDB backend ■  Has multiple runtime options, such as user agent, concurrent connections, time to run before stopping, number of links to scan before stopping, link depth, etc. ■  Demonstrated a high speed crawl of 12,000-15,000 page scans per minute per node process ■  System could start and stop and restart where it left off ■  Data was stored and could be analyzed using HTML5 UI written in JQuery and Bootstrap
 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.2010-2014
 Travel and Expense MobilitySoftware Architect
The goal of the project was to take the existing SAP Travel and Expense application and recreate a smarter and simpler responsive front-end interface for the user, primarily for mobile users. The application was originally written using the SAPUI5 framework. When the performance was not meeting the expectations of the customer, a new application was rewritten in HTML5 using JQuery and JavaScript.
■  Designed and developed a responsive HTML5 application using the SAPUI5, JQuery, and JavaScript ■  Created a responsive cascading stylesheet that handled a majority of the various layouts, with JavaScript support for handling orientation and resizing ■  Utilized MVC design patterns to improve speed to market ■  Integrated the UI with the SAP systems via AJAX connecting to RESTful webservices
 FSS Workflow ToolTechnical Lead
The goal of the project was to implement a business process management tool. The application allows financial documents to be routed for approvals or rejections, with the approved documents being routed to the data entry teams.
■  3 year project with multiple software releases ■  Managed the project with 30 developers using a hybrid incremental and waterfall lifecycle methodology ■  Completed each project phase on time and on budget ■  System handles 2 million transactions and 125,000 new documents requests per day using Service Oriented Architecture
 Global Import Accounting in SAPTechnical Lead
The goal of the project is to move the Global Direct Imports accounting systems into SAP from legacy systems. We are reviewing our existing systems to identify the functionality that is absolutely necessary to maintain the business while working with the business stakeholders to determine the best way to simplify the user processes and improve efficiency.
■  Working with executive management to gain company-wide support for the project ■  Provided the research necessary to complete the as-is documentation ■  Identified a $600,000 savings by moving our Letter of Credit process to the bank instead of maintaining it internally ■  Identified areas in the current process that could be improved by simplifying or eliminating functionality
 Canada Walmart.comTechnical Advisor
The goal of the project is to implement the accounting functions for the eCommerce system in Canada. Implement a 3-way matching system in SAP to allow the invoicing and payment.
■  Steered the project towards best accounting practices and identified potential problems that may arise ■  Assisted in the implementation the first 3-way matching system inside of SAP for Wal-Mart ■  Acted as a subject matter expert for Wal-Mart accounting systems and business processes ■  Reviewed and signed off on numerous function and technical specs ■  Researched and advised on technical issues that arose throughout the project lifecycle
The projects listed above are only a subset of the projects I have worked on. Further project information can be provided upon request.